Our ice cream

Dubbies can do many things, but we cannot produce our own ice cream. We were very keen therefore to find the perfect partner to offer you the quality and unique experience we strive to deliver.

It was important to us that the ice cream was luxury, locally-sourced and… most importantly… lovely! After extensive tasting and some extremely positive feedback from past customers, there was only one ice cream producer matching our desire to provide something special for your occasion.

The multiple award-winning Caroline's Dairy Ice Cream is based at Chalder Farm in Sussex and all of their delicious ice creams (they really do taste amazing) are produced on site by Caroline and her dedicated team.

With vast experience and considerable plaudits in the ice cream industry, Caroline's desire to produce the best quality ice cream and her pride in the work of the farm won us over (as well as the most gorgeous passion fruit ice cream!).

We currently offer fourteen especially-selected flavours to cater for all tastes, but if you are looking for something different, please just ask!

Summer flavours

Madagascan Vanilla        Strawberries and Cream     Belgian Chocolate

Toffee and Honeycomb             Salted Caramel          Coffee Espresso   

Coconut          Passion Fruit          Pomegranate           Hazelnut Heaven   

Banana and Fudge    Bubblegum   Mango Sorbet     Raspberry Sorbet 


Being served directly from Vinnie, all our ice creams are scooped into top quality waffle cones (you can have them chocolate-dipped for that extra treat) and if the waffle cones are not for you, we also have tubs!

Although the ice cream is delicious enough on its own, to create some fun, your guests can choose to add their own toppings too!

Some people prefer to enjoy a sweet treat at the start of an occasion, or it can be a dessert, it is entirely up to you. We know the ice cream will taste fantastic at any time of the day!

Would you like to personalise your special event?

Dubbies offer the following customisation options:

Put your own unique signs or images in the vintage VW campervan's door panels - ideal for some embarrassing past photos!

Choose your own ice cream names - does the bride love salted caramel or is one of your staff a bit 'vanilla'? If so, name the flavour after them!

Personalise the sauces - a great way to reward or acknowledge key people at your event, by making them as sweet as chocolate or fruity as raspberries!

Have photographs taken of you serving from the van or behind the wheel of an iconic Splitscreen

Create a special ice cream for the day with your chosen ice creams, toppings and sauce